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Unit Token ($UNIT)

Unit Token

$UNIT is a utility token associated with the UnitChain blockchain, which is designed to scale the token economy efficiently and innovatively.

Key Features

Fixed Supply

$UNIT has a fixed total supply, meaning that there will only ever be a certain number of tokens in existence.


$UNIT is built on UnitChain, a layer 1 blockchain constructed with Substrate. UnitChain is designed to operate independently from other ecosystems like Ethereum, Solana, and Cosmos, providing advantages such as heightened scalability, reduced transaction fees, and accelerated performance.

Utility Functions

$UNIT serves various functions within the Unit Network ecosystem, including securing the UnitChain, serving as a reserve asset for acquiring or supporting other tokens, contributing to network node operators, providing liquidity pool staking, facilitating crypto loans through vaults, ensuring the security of transaction data through transaction oracle workers, safeguarding external price feed data through price oracle workers, and more.

Bond Staking

Users can earn additional $UNIT tokens by participating in bond staking, which involves locking up their $UNIT holdings for a certain period.

Community Incentives

$UNIT can be used to reward and tip community members, fostering engagement and participation within the Unit Network community.

Platform Currency

$UNIT serves as the platform currency within the Unit Network ecosystem, allowing users to purchase items within the network's stores.

$UNIT is a utility token with diverse functions within the Unit Network ecosystem, providing a foundation for efficiency, innovation, and scalability within the token economy.