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Terms of Services

  1. Acceptance of Terms:

    • Users' access and use of the websites are subject to the provided Terms of Use.
  2. Eligibility:

    • Users must accept and comply with the Terms of Use.
    • The websites are intended for users aged 13 or older; not for children under 13.
  3. Changes to Terms:

    • The Terms of Use may be updated at the discretion of Unit Network.
    • Continued use after changes implies acceptance.
  4. Access and Security:

    • Unit Network may modify or withdraw website features without notice.
    • Users are responsible for arrangements to access the websites and ensuring compliance.
    • Registration details must be accurate and comply with the Privacy Policy.
  5. Intellectual Property:

    • Websites' content is owned by Unit Network and protected by intellectual property laws.
    • Trademarks associated with Unit Network must not be used without permission.
  6. Prohibited Uses:

    • Users must use the websites for lawful purposes and avoid specified prohibitions.
  7. Reliance on Information:

    • Information on the websites is for general purposes; accuracy is not guaranteed.
    • Unit Network is not responsible for third-party content.
  8. Changes to Websites:

    • Website content may be updated, but completeness or timeliness is not guaranteed.
  9. Information and Privacy:

    • Information collected is subject to the Privacy Policy.
  10. Links and social media:

    • Users may link to the homepage with fair and legal practices.
    • Outbound links are provided for convenience; Unit Network is not responsible for their content.
  11. Termination:

    • Unit Network may terminate access to the websites at any time.
    • Users can terminate their registration by contacting
  12. Disclaimer on Investments:

    • Content related to tokens is not financial advice.
    • Users are solely responsible for token-related decisions.
  13. Geographic Restrictions:

    • Legal restrictions apply; the websites are not available in specific regions.
  14. Disclaimer of Warranties:

    • No guarantees are made regarding website content or services.
    • Unit Network disclaims all warranties.
  15. Limitation on Liability:

    • Unit Network is not liable for damages, including personal injury or financial losses.
  16. Indemnification:

    • Users agree to indemnify Unit Network from claims related to their use of the websites.
  17. Governing Law:

    • Laws of the United Arab Emirates govern the websites and these terms.
  18. Entire Agreement:

    • The Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and event registration terms constitute the entire agreement.
  19. Contact Information:

This summary is a general overview, and users should refer to the complete document for detailed information and understanding. Available by request.