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Unit Network Blockchain

Unit Network Blockchain, powered by Substrate, is a modern decentralized platform designed using cutting-edge technology from Parity Technologies.

Substrate Framework

Substrate is like a toolkit for building blockchains. It offers developers a set of tools and libraries to create custom blockchain networks for specific needs.

Customization and Modularity

With Substrate, developers can customize and extend blockchain functions. They can choose from pre-built modules or create new ones to suit the Unit Network Blockchain's needs, like managing tokens or decentralized finance.

Consensus Mechanisms

Substrate supports different ways of reaching agreement on the blockchain's state. The Unit Network Blockchain can pick the best method for security, speed, and decentralization, like Proof of Stake or Proof of Authority.


Substrate makes it easy for different blockchains to talk to each other. This means the Unit Network Blockchain can work with other chains, sharing data and assets seamlessly.

Scalability and Performance

Substrate offers solutions to handle lots of transactions quickly, like splitting tasks between different parts of the network or doing some work off-chain. This helps the Unit Network Blockchain handle more users and transactions.

Governance and Upgradability

Substrate allows for decentralized decision-making. Token holders can vote on changes or upgrades to the blockchain. This means the Unit Network Blockchain's community can have a say in its future direction.

By using Substrate, the Unit Network Blockchain benefits from a flexible and powerful framework, allowing for fast development and customization of services within the Unit Network ecosystem.