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The Profile module is a comprehensive module within the Unit Network designed to facilitate user interactions. It empowers users with various functionalities, including creating and updating profiles, establishing backup accounts, following and unfollowing other users, and exchanging messages via encrypted chat.

Key Features:

Create a Profile:

Users can generate a new profile by providing a unique username and the account ID of the inviter.

Create a Backup Account:

This functionality allows users to create a backup profile, enabling them to recover their main account via passphrase login.

Update a Profile:

Users can modify their profile data, including changing or complementing previously added information.

Follow and Unfollow:

The module enables users to establish connections within the system by following or unfollowing other users' profiles. This information is used to inform the newsfeed module about the users the current user is following.

Exchange Messages:

Users can engage in communication by sending messages to each other. This functionality enables the chat module as a private and encrypted decentralized way of communicating, ensuring security and privacy.

The Profile module enhances user interactions within the Unit Network, providing a range of features to facilitate communication and connection between users while prioritizing security and privacy.